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2011-07-26 19:22:12 by Imfunkey

These statistics for my songs are crazy, and they're just improv! Anyway wanted to say thanks and give a little update for those who read my updates :D. I'm going to try to improve my animating skills, so I'm working on a little animation with some of my music, including an updated version of ''Final Farewell''. I usually don't have patience and give up, but I'll try to finish this one.. I also have an idea for a Minecraft flash :D (Very Original, I know).

Anyway,thanks for the feedback and have a great week, cheers!


2011-07-23 20:43:25 by Imfunkey

Just wanted to point out I have 100 views :D.. Score


2011-07-12 10:19:57 by Imfunkey

Score, I just got 10 downloads on my song :D (''Huge'' Milestone, I know ^_^)

Even if I don't have 500 views/downloads, I would like to thank those who have voted for my song, (Starting to sound like an Oscar thanking speech ._.)

I'm in Sweden atm, without my CASIO, so I can't make any songs, but I do have ideas for some songs written down. I had a sample I recorded using Mixcraft's 5, (Great program, MIDI recorders should try it out,), Musical Keyboard Typing, but it was wiped from the computer I was using :(

Cheers, and thanks again :D


2011-06-25 20:48:05 by Imfunkey

I've noticed around 0:25 on (A Sad Fable) the change is a little to harsh, I might try to fix that.

Also, thanks for all the views and feedback guys! :D

(I don't know how to say something on my own submission ; / , so if anyone wouldn't mind telling me, I would really appreciate it! :D)